View Full Version : Being logged out very quickly

Sat May 8, 2010, 02:18 PM
Is there any way to keep logged in for some time, as it seems the system kicks me out every so often? Especially when in the middle of writing, and then I loose all that...

Neil Cuadra
Sat May 8, 2010, 06:51 PM
Yes there is, lotusbud.

Each time you log in, check the "Remember Me?" checkbox. That tells the software to set a web browser cookie with your Marrowforums login information, which results in two benefits:
1. You don't have to log in each time you visit Marrowforums.

2. You won't get automatically logged out after 15 minutes if you haven't clicked any button or link. Getting timed out is especially annoying when you are composing a long post and haven't clicked anything for a while.

There are two caveats:
1. To use "Remember Me" your web browser must have "cookies" enabled in your settings/options/preferences.

2. If you are using a public computer (e.g., in a library) or sharing a computer with other family members, other people will be able to go to Marrowforums and use your account. If you want to prevent that, click "Log Out" when you are dong visiting Marrowforums and log back in the next time.