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Tue May 11, 2010, 12:51 AM
Hi Ladies...

Wondering if anyone has had issues with these 2 things? Or even period problems while having low platelet count.

Is taking a contraception pill a good idea?

I have already lost an ovary due to endometriosis (end of last year) ... and recently have been experiencing the familiar pain and dark discharge in-between periods. But my count is much lower now (22) which is causing me a bit of concern.

How do I know that I'm not bleeding out inside?

However, it has settled down again this time. But I dread my next period. I am seeing my Hematologist on Friday, and have spoken to my GP already. Will see what my Hemo suggests.

Tue May 11, 2010, 09:05 AM
Do any of the ladies here have issues with their periods? I've had an ovary removed because of endometriosis several months ago. My platelets were on the low side even then. And now a familiar pain is back to haunt me! How do I know that I won't one day bleed out inside?

Is the pill the way to go? Any thoughts? Experiences.... ?All I can really tell you is my experience - I was already on the pill when diagnosed, so they had me stay on that through all my transfusion-dependent time, apart from when I was undergoing IVF to freeze embryos pre-transplant. My haem dr told me that if I ever had any super heavy periods, I should tell her right away and they could give me a pill to stop my period altogether.

When I was having my transplant and for 5 months following it, I was on Norethisterone 3x per day to stop my period, and that seemed to be fine for me with little side effects. BUT the moment they took me off it, I had pretty severe hormonal and sexual problems that are only now being seen to by a gynae/endocrine dr specialising in young women who've had chemo. And he says that, because of my complex hormonal issues from before the transplant (polycystic ovaries being one), Norethisterone was a terrible choice to give me to stop my periods and other things would've been better.

Soooooo with your also special hormonal background, I would ask your haematologist about the different pills to stop your periods but MAKE SURE they refer with a gynae/endocrine specialist before prescribing anything (and also perhaps check your FSH/LH & estrogen levels before and after). The last several months could've been so different for me if someone had asked the gynae dr first instead just giving me the default "period stopper" during transplants!

Tue May 11, 2010, 05:09 PM
Hi Julianna,

There was a previous discussion of this issue:

My doctor was against taking a pill to stop my period when my platelets were below 20k. He said that stopping my period could have even bigger consequences (which he didn't get into).

There is a clinical trial going on now that studies this problem:

Have you had your clotting factor checked? Mine was normal, so maybe that's why my doctor was less concerned ???? I always thought that it was because he was a GUY!

I would definitely consult with a gyn on this because of your endometriosis.

Wed May 12, 2010, 03:30 AM
Thanks so much guys. Your advice has been most helpful. :)

Just need to find a good Gyno now...