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Wed Dec 15, 2010, 05:43 PM
4269 Combined Chelation Therapy with Deferasirox and Deferoxamine In Transfusion-Dependent Thalassemia


Citation: "Therapeutic regimens that combine two iron chelators may enhance chelation efficiency by improving access to different tissue iron stores and control of the toxic labile iron pool. The combination of two chelators can reduce toxicity through averting the need for high doses of a single drug, but it is essential to establish the safety such regimens."

The study patients were a group of transfusion-dependend thalassemia patients who had failed standard monotherapy with one chelator.
The duration of the therapy was 52 weeks.

Citation:"DSX (20-30 mg/Kg) was administered daily and DFO (35-50 mg/Kg/infusion) was infused on 3-7 days/week (as 8-12 hour infusion)."

The results were good: The median LIC declined by 48 %, the median ferritin fell by 43%. There was progressive decline in median plasma NTBI level during the study from 3.26 ÁM (1.79-5.79 ÁM) at baseline to 2.38 ÁM (1.59-3.08 ÁM) at 12 months (p=0.008)

Also other parameters of patients with different problems improved. Please read the interesting details from the link above.

There were neither significant toxicity or unusual adverse events, and also no elevation of serum creatinine or ALT

Citation: "These results suggest that simultaneous administration DSX and DFO is well tolerated and has low potential for toxicity. Combined chelation therapy appears to be effective in rapidly reducing systemic iron burden, lowering myocardial iron, and controlling plasma NTBI and LPI in patients at risk of developing end-organ damage. "