View Full Version : What about an abscess . . .

Sat Oct 27, 2007, 04:55 AM
Hi everyone: Has anyone had a problem with an abscess? I was in the hospital in June and must have picked up some type of staph infection to go along with my MDS and a low RBC. Since then I have had to have two of the painful devils in my poor bottom lanced, which has made sitting painful, standing impossible and I can't (won't) spend all my time in bed. None of my Doctors seem to know what causes them.

Was diagnosed with MDS in January, 2007 and have had three Aranesp shots starting at that point. My husband died in 2000 with MDS also - and I still can't believe I didn't catch it from him somehow - but everyone laughs and says it is not possible. I also take B-12 shots monthy.

My count runs from 10.4 when I need a shot, and up to 12.7 after one. While I have no objection to growing old - sure didn't expect to 'rust' this way.

Vernette - 82 years young and hanging in tight!!