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Wed Mar 19, 2008, 03:00 PM
I am doing some research for my Grandpa who was recently diagnosed with MDS and is awaiting the results of his spinal aspiration to see if the disease has progressed to Luekemia. He is 90 yrs. old so I thought I would find some support groups to get some 1st hand info on what he can expect. I'm not sure of all the details, but he is concerned about the side effects of the shots they want him to take over the next 6 months. A head nurse told him it would be very painful and he would get very sick but the doctor told him to expect an upset stomach. If anyone can help shed some light with some personal accounts, I and my family would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,
Becki, a concerned Granddaughter.

Wed Mar 19, 2008, 03:16 PM
So sorry your grandpa at 90 has MDS. You asked about effects of shots but I did not see what kind of shots he is getting. My husband, 76, has had MDS for two years. He has gotten Aranesp and at others time Epogen or Procrit. Except for some minor pain when the shots is being given, if it is injected too fast, he hasn't had any noticeable side effects. That is why I asked for the type of shots is was going to be getting.

Good luck to him and the family.


Wed Mar 19, 2008, 09:09 PM
Hello smiles622,

My father was diagnosed with leukemia back in Sept.07. He is on specific meds for the type that he has. From talking to many people, as well as my father, they, and he really have no pain. It is more of a "sleepy" issue, or second person issue. He feels, at this point of his journey, that he is watching himself. At times he has stated that he feels like a spectator.

As far as the med's go, for the chemo, he gets pills to keep him from getting sick to his stomach. The neuprogin gives him some bone pain, but Advil seems to fix that. Thursdays and Fridays are his shot days, but he, for the most part, recovers by dinner Saturday.

I have posted his journey on this site. Just look for the posts by "mannythedog". It is not there to scare or depress you. Everyone is different in how treatments are given, and received. I am just accounting for my father. The disease he has, how it is managed, and where he is going with it. For those on the same path, it will be a sort of guide to what to expect next.

I am sorry for your news, but remember, he is still here, and still able to spend time with you. My father and I have gotten closer, not that we weren't close already; however, some things are not said unless something like this happens. If he is anything like my dad, treat him normally, and pick on him every now and again. I have tried to keep it as normal as possible, which means we still goof around.

Keep in touch. There are allot of good people with good information on this site.

Son Of Bob