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Sun May 25, 2008, 08:06 AM

I was wondering if any one else has developed a swelling in their neck. I noticed that I had a soft painless swelling on the right side of my neck a couple of days ago. It is just above my clavicle. I can't feel any lump, it is just a generalised swelling about 2-3 cms in diameter.

My portacath is on the right side and I was thinking the swelling might be associated with it. Has any one ever heard of a portacath causing any problems ?

I am not due to see my doctor for 3 more weeks and I'm not sure if I should be concerned. I feel very well at the moment although I am getting a lot of sweats day and night. I don't have a fever.


Mon May 26, 2008, 05:01 AM
Hi Chirley,
You should contact your doctor NOW. There is maybe an infection or thrombosis in connection with the port.
Kind regards

Tue May 27, 2008, 05:02 AM
Thanks Birgitta -A,

I decided I would go and see my physiotherapist. She examined me and found that I have an inflammed scalene muscle where it attaches to the clavicle. So I had a good massage, some acupuncture and heat therapy.

Unfortunately, I have 2 herniated discs in my neck (found on MRI), but I don't get neck pain. I just get pins and needles in my left hand. I also get bad pain in both my thumbs.

I'm very relieved that the swelling isn't anything nasty. I had an uncle and a cousin both have Hodgkins Disease, which started with lumps in the neck. They both died very quickly.

The weather here is getting a bit cold. It's around 14 degrees C outside at the moment (6.00pm) and rain and storms are predicted for tomorrow. It's my day off work and I get to sleep in past 4.30 am. LOVELY.:)

Bye for now.


Tue May 27, 2008, 08:28 AM

Was checking up on you. Saw you had a bit of a scare. Glad it was not serious. I am also glad your getting the cold weather. Finally warmed up here. Got a boat load of work completed for pop over the weekend. Was a holiday 3 day'er, so the extra day of work was nice. Will leave a pop mess. later, after blood test results.

Once again, I am glad your O.K. enjoy your day off.

Son of Bob

Wed May 28, 2008, 12:06 PM
Hi Shirley,
so happy your doing better,some scare huh?
I also get pins &niddles in both outer fingers & feet & legs,also very bad pain in thumbs .,they exrayed said arthridis ,who has`nt?,but have tendinitis in both thumbs .have you been checked for that?Am getting ultasound therpy 3 time Wk for 2 mons now& wearing braces on hands to keep thumb as immobily as possiply..
Keep doing well,