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Marrowforums Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:43 AM

Forum tip: Emptying your Private Message mailboxes
Each forum member has two mailboxes for Private Messages, named Inbox and Sent Mail. The capacity across both folders is 50 messages.

Instructions for using Private Messages can be found in the Member-to-member Communications section of the FAQ.

If you have used up your mailbox capacity then you can no longer send Private Messages and other members won't be able to send them to you. Luckily, you can delete them. But first it's a good habit to save them to your own computer.

Deleting messages from your Private Message mailboxes doesn't affect the people you sent messages to or the people you received messages from. It affects only what's displayed in your own account.

To save your Private Messages to your own computer:
  1. Go to your message area.

  2. Select any number of messages using the checkboxes.

  3. Click the "Text" link under Download all Private Messages as: at the bottom right of the page. (If you prefer XML or CSV format, click that link instead.)

  4. A file with your messages will be downloaded. Pick a location for it on your computer, and a suitable filename.

  5. That takes care of messages in your Inbox. Now change "Jump to Folder:" at the top of the page from "Inbox" to "Sent Messages", click the Go button, and then repeat Steps 2 through 4.
To delete messages from Marrowforums (after you've downloaded them for safekeeping):
  1. Select any number of messages using the checkboxes.

  2. Set Selected Messages: at the bottom right to "Delete" and click the Go button.

  3. Change "Jump to Folder:" at the top of the page, click the Go button, and repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to delete the messages from your other folder.

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