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pdiitdelhi0204 Tue Sep 2, 2014 11:06 PM

+ 63 Days: Mixed Chimerism and Cyclosporine dose
+63 Days: Arnav ,my 2 year old son,doing well and just waiting for improvement in Chimerism. As Cyclosporine has been completely stopped to improve Chimerism, today Arnav feeling mild itching in underarm and face may be due to GVHD. Doctor said closely watch and if increases inform me. Details of Chimerism test information is as bellow:

1st Chimerism test on +29 Days: Cyclosporine dose was 50mg two times a day. Result was 81% Donor. Result came on + 35 Days. Then they reduced Cyclosporine to 25 mg two times a day.

2nd Chimerism test on + 43 Days: Cyclosporine dose was 25mg two times a day. Result was 63% Donor. Result came on + 50 Days. Then they decided to stop Cyclosporine completely.

3rd Chimerism test on + 54 Days: Cyclosporine dose was nil from day + 51 to + 54. Result Donor cell increases by 2%.

Arnav average weight is 12 .5 kg and accordingly dose was decided. I have not seen they check cyclosporine level in blood. Is cyclosporine dose is decided only on body weight or else?

Now since last 12 days Cyclosporine dose is nil. Hope everything will be improve now.

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