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Lori Patrick Thu Mar 7, 2013 08:59 PM

Anyone Had Disability Stop?
Hey everone. I am jumping the anticipatory gun here. Has anyone had their disability removed? My husband is retiring in 2 years and will have to purchase health insurance. I will go on Medicare (so long as I am disabled). My daughter who at age 27 was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and receives herceptin every 3 weeks along with tamoxefen pills daily. The Social Security Admin sent her to their doctor and they say she is MILD - which infers that she can work. She is sickly for a week after her herceptin. Her doctor wrote a letter insisting that she really cannot work with reliability due to the treatments and the appointments to check for recurrence of the disease. She had an attorney go with her to meet with SS and they pulled her file for a hearing. Last we heard they do not know if a hearing will be necessary. So we wait.

I am now paranoid that they will do this to me. I have graft v. host which requires me to be on 3 anti immune suppressants, thus I have a low, low immune system. I can do some things, but if I go for a day, I generally need 2 days to recouperate. I wondered if anyone had experienced this with Social Security. Thanks! Lori

Marlene Thu Mar 14, 2013 08:07 AM

Hi Lori,

We don't have any experience with Social Security. I know others have used attorneys who specialize in ss disability if they get denied or run into trouble. Hope you don't have to go that route. Unfortunately, the people who abuse these programs make it difficult for those who really need it.

Hope your daughter's case goes well.


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