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pleasant1911 Thu May 22, 2014 11:40 PM

cancer is scary
My father is living with MDS and currently taking revilimd. Now, I can't stop thinking about my father and his illness. And now I am about have my third child and my father has this illness. Now I am thinking like what if my kids get some sort of cancer, or myself or my wife, get some sort of cancer....

Is it normal to feel this way, since my father illness is worrying me? Is it normal for people with MDS, who takes revlimid to play golf? How do you guy cope with these crazy diseases? How do i not get consumed by all these sorts of cancers and how any body can get it at any age? And truthfully, I never thought of cancer before my father's MDS....

Its just too crazy and scary!

bailie Fri May 23, 2014 12:11 AM

I am taking Revlimid and Vidaza and I golf every chance I get. I have zero side effects from the Revlimid. The Vidaza is more noticeable but that might be from the anti-nausea pills. Still not enough to keep from golfing. The more important things as far as activities are the blood counts.

You are not alone in your dislike of cancer. Importantly, try not to let the physical ailments affect you mentally as much as possible. Everyone is going to have life threatening situations in their lives. You just do the best you can to limit the problems for the things you can control. Try not to worry too much about the things you cannot influence.

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