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SASSI07855 Sun Aug 9, 2015 11:27 AM

Veterans Appeals Decision Search Results
I did a search on this forum, and I could not find much regarding any reference to the Board of Veterans Appeals Decision Search results. I then started searching, and I stumbled across the below described resource not long ago. I have found this source to be very helpful. I have been able to use past court decisions and incorporate a lot of information, including case decisions and Code of Federal Regulation references among other things from these decisions into my claim process. It was especially valuable when I filed for VA compensation due to MDS and Agent Orange. If you have not tried this site please do the following; click on the below site;

then select from the right side a little ways down under
Search Portals select

Board of Veterans' Appeals Decision Search

You then can search for MyeloDysplastic Syndrome cases by specific year, or years, or for any other maladies that are VA applicable.

The information that I have learned from using this source has proven very helpful to me. Maybe it will help some of you folks as well.

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