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Faye R Mon Jul 20, 2015 06:56 PM

I has anyone heard of mistletoe been use for a cure for cancer I'm not really into alterative cures other than good old healthy foods of to the haematologist hoping that she will continue my Vidaza treatment think my counts have dropped we will see if I'm right.
DX myeloidysplasia subtype RCMD-RA excess blasts:)

Cheryl C Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:51 PM

Hi Faye - I don't know anything about mistletoe being used for cancer. I investigated a lot of alternative cancer treatments when I was first diagnosed and I contacted various providers to see if they had had any success in treating MDS. Invariably the response was no. Some health retreats offer treatment which builds the immune system. The only positive was a hospital in Germany where they use complementary medicine along with conventional medicine, pre-transplant.

Sorry you're not feeling so well. I'm surprised your diagnosis is RCMD-RA if you have excess blasts. Normally excess blasts would put you into RAEB I or II. Have you just had a biopsy?

Neil Cuadra Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:36 PM

The National Cancer Institute summary says that mistletoe may relieve some symptoms of cancer treatment, with few harmful side effects, but that studies have yet to prove a definite benefit against cancer itself.

It's more commonly used in Europe (look up "Iscador"). Even though you shouldn't get your medical advice from celebrities (see example), it's getting a serious look in the U.S.

Faye R Tue Jul 21, 2015 01:26 AM

haemo to-day
Hi Cheryl.C thanks replying when I was first DX some 10years ago I was RCMD 1% blasts then some 5 years later I was having my first blood transfusions, was very grateful that people would go out of their way to donate their own blood. In and out of hospital with infections and neutrophils going down as low as 0.02. platelets were also very low 45 and lower. then our government decided to fund Vidaza O I am so lucky the BMBT show that I had 16% blasts on report showed refactory anaemia with excess blasts
My latest BMBT did not classify me so I really don't know only that my blasts have gone down now to 5%
Now could you explain to me what was on my blood report to-day Normochromic; Macrocytosis++; Anisocytosis+; irregular shaped cells+;
Elliptocytes+; occasional tear drop cells ( I know) Rouleaux+;
They have up the Vidaza now to 100mg, still think I can handle that very well

Cheryl C Wed Jul 22, 2015 01:56 AM

Hi Faye - if you just type those words into a Google search bar, you should come up with the info you need. Except for elliptocytes and Rouleaux I used to get all those on my results too. They indicate abnormal shapes or sizes of your red cells. I know that macrocytes can be influenced by B12 or folate deficiency.

Good that you are coping so well with Vidaza.

Like you I am tremendously grateful for people who give blood. IgG is extracted from plasma and one infusion can made up of plasma from 10-50,000 donors. Incredible, eh!

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