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disco3md Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:16 AM

NIH Trial - Plt Count Level Feedback/Experience
My wife was is currently in 6 month trial @ NIH. She's starting taking both Eltrombopag & Cyclosporine , and was taken off Eltrombopag and now taking only Cyclosporine. She is entering 5 month of trial, concern is her platelet count has been dropping over the 4 months ( 138, 120,11 & 99 most recently). NIH does not seem concerned. She may have a cold or virus.
Question - Has anyone had similar experience ? Does platelet count drop near the end of the trial? Appreciate any feedback

jef dk Wed Jun 28, 2017 01:08 PM

No responce to Eltrombopaq
I was initially treated with ATG plus Eltrombopag & Cyclosporine, but was taken of Eltrombopag because it gave kidney failure. It is not quite similar to what your wife has experienced, but I had no positive effect of Eltrombopag. My platelets were very low to a start and grew first after I was taken of Eltrombopag, and it has taken more than a year to get close to 100 x 10exp9
Kind regards Jef

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