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jancye Sun Aug 5, 2007 08:36 PM

Hi from Australia
Hi everyone . I am new to the site and think its wonderful! Wish I had known about it a few years ago... I am Mum to Colleen who was diagnosed with AA in 2003 aged 18. We live in the Capital Canberra and Colleen was the only case dianosed for that year. It is really difficult finding anyone else in Australia with AA particulary as a parent.

You see Colleen also has Aspergers and a mild intelletual disability so wow was it challenging explaining her condition to her and then coping with a hospital environment!! Colleen has been off all meds now for 2 years and her counts are wonderful HB 135 Platlets 200 WBC 3.9 and she has 3 monthly bloods and hospital visits. Colleen dose not think about the future and I think that was what got her through. She just lives day by day...

We are really lucky with treatment in Australia as everytning is covered by our public health system and we have never paid anything for any of the treatments of long hopstital visits. On the other hand feel rather isolated here and can not get to the Conferences and support groups I hear that you have in the States.

I would be really interested if any one else out there is supporting a child with a disability as well as its a bit like a double whammy!!

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