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tracey2105 Tue Nov 1, 2016 06:47 AM

new to all of this
i live in qld
this is all driving me crazy ,to think this all started by a few wcc being elevated on some tests from my endo ,to being seen by a hemo/oncol first lot of test was 27 pages of results ,got copies of those from hemo /then she goes , ,we can sit and wait to see if your bloods go higher in 3 months or do the bmb so opted for bmb ,now i have seen my gp he did not understanding the results ,still another week before seeing the hemo/oncol its doing my head in ,i cant sleep ,feel so run down ,im scared because i also have padget disease ,which make bone turn over faster ,and rhumetoid .i have read is it the rhumetoid first then cll or cll first the rhumetoid .just need to know one way or another ,really just want answers as to why i feel so unwell at times ,
I have some results to the bmb just not understanding it at all ,
1. is it say bright cd38 plasma cells represented blast region represented
anyone understand these results thanks

Neil Cuadra Wed Nov 23, 2016 08:40 PM


It's a lot easier to understand blood counts than the results of a bone marrow biopsy. The blood count lab report will usually show your counts and indicate the normal range for each of them, so you know what's too high and what's too low.

Bone marrow biopsy reports, in contrast, are usually written by a specialist technician for the doctor to read. Patients usually can't make sense of them without asking the doctor. The a general practitioner without much experience with hematological disorders may not know what it all means either.

What are your blood count numbers? They may explain why you feel unwell.

Did you get some answers about what's wrong?

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