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Rarity Fri Oct 20, 2017 05:12 PM

Procrit question

My husbands numbers didn't hold up for very long. Yet another transfusion this week. The hematologist is recommending procrit injections.EPO level is low enough for the injections. My husband is very concerned with the side effects and is hesitant to get the injections. Can't say that I blame him. Dr. is saying they are trying to prolong the length of time in between transfusions and whatever risks come with them. We get that. Just don't want to make more problems with the injections and doing well with no other issues other than transfusions.

I've read where it doesn't do anything for some or it only works for a period of time. I have also read a more recent thread where it was giving bone pain and a couple of other issues and they were now going to refuse it.

My husband is fine right now other than when his hbgl gets low and gets tired and needs a transfusion.

Anyone wish to comment on the Procrit Injections on pros and cons will be most helpful.

Thank you,

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