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Martha M Tue Dec 11, 2007 09:45 AM

High versus low intensity preparation for SCT?
My brother will be having a double cord blood SCT in Jan. most likely. The transplant specialist said that the decision to do high versus low intensity chemo prior to transplant depends upon where his test results (I assume % of blasts from BMB) fall. He also said that the latest research indicates that you do not seek improvement with Dacogen tx until after the 4th cycle. My brother started his third this week. I've asked the specialist via email if it would be OK/worth waiting to do another cycle in order to see if there is a reduction and then they could do the low intensity (no radiation, just chemo), and his reply was cryptic. Something like "sounds fine as long as it doesn't interfere with SCT". Does anyone have any advice about this? Part of my concern is about possible long-term damage/effects of the high intensity chemo? There doesn't seem to be an immediate urgency to doing the SCT right away (eg, they said it would be OK to wait until after the holidays). Thanks for any info/help.

Martha M.

(brother Karl, RAEBII as of 9/07)

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