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Hi Zoe,

Sorry that things are frustrating for you, I hope you get it solved quickly.

I had my second CT scan yesterday, now we have to wait for the report to be given to my doc.
However, things are not right and I feel it. I now have a cough and a pressure in my chest, it feels werid and almost like when I had the pnemonia but without being sick or coughing anything up. If I take a deep breath, I cough once or twice. I can take deep breaths and exhale normally but it doesn't feel right.
At first I thought it was from my seasonal allergies but my puffers have no effect.
I am also concerned about my general color, I seem to have a pallor now that I didn't have before. I am also not anemic as my counts as of last week were fine. Hopefully that is in my head and I am worrying for nothing.
I expect that I'll see my doc next week and then hopefully I'll have some answers.

Take care,
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