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I wish the original poster had stuck around instead of attempting what seems like spamming the forums. Sigh.

I totally agree with the possibility of infectious causes of these diseases. There is a paper on pubmed about AA being way more prevalent among farmers in Asia. I can dig it up if anyone is interested. Could be they are around more bacteria. I actually now suspect I had erlichiosis 20 yrs ago. It was thought to occur only in dogs, it has been proven to be more prevalent in the southern states, and we had just gotten back from driving to Florida (I live in Canada). It was 1991, and I think it wasn't recognized in humans until around 1999. I was never diagnosed with a cause of my 106.2 fever and no white cells.

I am on an experimental treatment involving a VDR agonist + small doses of antibiotics. I'm still getting transfusions and my WBC is insanely low (0.7 last week, up from 0.6 a few weeks before), but I have noticed a few improvements. My breathing this year is a lot better than it's been in awhile, I have had no tooth infection for the first time in about 8 years, my intolerance to heat is vastly improved, and chemical sensitivity (perfumes, yuck) seems better too.


ps - here's the article:

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