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Iron overload after blood transfusion

Follow with my previous question, i would like to add one addition question about the iron overload problem that my mom currently having. From the serum ferritin tests, she has very very high iron overload as i looked at the number 4877. Based on the ref range, it should be max 300 i guess as i dont have the report with me now. The funny thing is according to the doctor, normal people can have as high as 1500.

Can expert in the forum kindly advice me whether is this level of iron consider very critical stage or not as the doctor seems take it quite easily. The doctor just tell my sister to inform the goverment hospital that my mom has iron overload problem after blood transfusion of around 18 packs as my mom is getting the blood transfusion in the goverment hospital.

FYI, in Malaysia, we have goverment hospital and private hospital, or called specialist hospital.

All the tests was done with the private hospital. The only thing which was done in goverment hospital is blood transfusion.
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