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Originally Posted by triumphe64 View Post
There is a lot in these messages to digest. I have Pure Red Cell Aplasia. It is quite rare. It affects only my red cells and Hg. The Reticulocytes, immature red cells, fail to form. It took me three BMBs before the pathologists determined that is what I have.

Since your mother seems to be ok with her white cells and platelets, the doctors might consider that as a possible diagnosis.
Hi Triuphe64, Thanx for sharing the information. Actually now when the doctor mentioned about taking blood, blood transfusion and whatever relevant to needle, she was shivering as she had bad experience in the goverment hospital. The hospital normally send the trainer nurse to take the blood for CBC check as they want to find out the HB and RBC before the blood transfusion but it tooks 2 or 3 nurses to try before they managed to withdraw the blood. Now her both hands are covered with bruise.

As my mom is phobia to needle now, we are trying to avoid all the medication/checks that involve needle at the meantime unless it is necessary. Actually we plan for another BMB to find out what is the latest status on her bone marrow but we postpone it now.
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