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Hi all,

I will list down what further tests need for my mom. If you think i missed out anything, please feel free to add on this post. Thank you in advance for your kind input.

Further test
1) EPO test
2) BMB --- Make sure there is Cytogenetic report
3) hemochromatosis
4) serum ferritin --- sometimes
5) Copper and arsenic

What has been done and treatments before and now.
1) Vitamin deficiency checked --- Serum Ferritin & Serum Folate
2) Serum ferritin checked --- 4877 at the moment. Treatment in 2 weeks as we need to ask the goverment hospital to find the drugs.
3) BMB x 2
4) cyclosporine -- 6 months. No sign of improvement on HB & RBC. Stopped by doctor
5) Blood transfusion every month --- 2 packs/month on-going

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