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Originally Posted by Heather8773 View Post
Like.. I was just reading about TT-30. It's all written to medically for me to understand any info?
I'm guessing you spotted the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of TT30 in Subjects With PNH trial at

Let's see if we can make sense of it from the "English" parts of the descriptions.

It's a Phase 1 trial, sponsored by Alexion Pharmaceuticals, to study varying dosages of TT-30. (To know what TT-30 is you have to look elsewhere, such as in PubMed. TT-30 was actually developed by another company, Taligen Therapeutics, which Alexion then acquired. But you may not care how the drug works or who developed it, just that it may help PNH patients!)

The trial has multiple locations: California, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and the U.K. There's contact information (name, phone number, email address) for a nurse at the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

It's a "single-dose" study, which presumably means that they'll give you the drug only once, but it also says that "subjects will return for the required study evaluations over the next 59 days", which doesn't leave clear to me how often you have to be there over those 2 months.

The trial is available to people "18 years of age with a diagnosis of PNH & vaccination against meningococcus" as long as they don't have any of a list of medical problems, such as "abnormal renal or liver function". They are still recruiting patients even though they expect to conclude the study in February 2013. I guess if you start when the trial is already underway then you finish later than that.

Bottom line: I may not have understood the entire trial description, but now I would be able to tell whether to cross it off my list or ask my doctor about it.
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