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Papaya Leaf Extract

Karin who has had PNH for 23 years urgently required her first blood transfusion (apart from one after a pregnancy 20 years ago which elevated complement levels and decimated her blood) on July 5th this year. She also needed platelet transfusions (down to 13000) and the platelets just plummeted within days so it was as if she was not producing any of her own (neutrophils 0.75 x 10^9 per Liter so probably also moderate AA). On August 9th she started taking Papaya Leaf Extract. Since she has had two CBCs 1 week apart at the hematologist and the platelets were stable at 17000. The hematologist was surprised and asked whether she was taking the Papaya Leaf extract Karin had mentioned to her on a previous visit before the extract arrived. So she has saved herself one platelet transfusion so far. Will keep you posted. She is also taking Rosmarinic Acid capsules, but at a sub-therapeutic dose. This is a complement inhibitor, binding at C3b so should reduce hemolysis. Do not know how to make it bioavailable enough to significantly affect hemolysis. LDH went from 623 to 630 in same period suggesting perhaps RBC production up too, activating the PNH.
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