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Thank you, good to be back. Sad to see some of the ones I used to chat to on here are no longer with us. But good to see familiar names too.

I was on a trial that failed, im not sure of any others. Unfortunately my doc told me the news on her departure to go on two weeks holiday and there is no one at the hospital to ask, long weekend etc. I was supposed to have been put in last Thursday but I was not comfortable, I had too many questions, I felt pressured. The admitting doc was very annoyed with my hesitation. Im concerned now if I wait a week for her return that my blasts may increase too much they may say no. My blasts like my AML transition almost happened over night. I think if the survival rate was not mentioned perhaps I would have signed up on the hype of it being the new miracle drug. I think the doc replacing my doc has scared me.


Ps yes Im much younger then the trial patients on Venetoclax.
Dx June 2013 MDS del 5q and 7t. Further chromosone changes August 2017. Lenolidomide and 10 months on Azacytadine failed. Transition to AML August 2018 failed induction chemo. Trial drug FT2101 failed at 6 months. Next on Venetoclax with cytoterabine.
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