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Hi Ellen,

It's very nice to hear from another AA patient at CBCI! (though of course I wish very much you didn't have this disease either)

I am also treated at the PSL location. I saw Dr. Matous as well just after ATG. Since then I have also seen Dr. McSweeney a few times, but my main hematologist is Dr. Nash. Pre-ATG, he sat down with me for a couple hours and patiently explained my treatment options. His steady competence working into the night got me through the ATG while I was having bad reactions. And his care has been invaluable to me post-ATG, as I have battled difficult issues and started to improve. I couldn't recommend the man highly enough.

The rest of the team is great too, doctors and nurses both. I've seen the mutual respect between Drs. Matous, McSweeney, and Nash, as they've thoughtfully read what one another has written about my condition in my charts. One patient I met at PSL, who is doing well 8 years post BMT for leukemia, said he felt with CBCI he's been able to get a 1st opinion, 2nd opinion, and 3rd opinion - all under 1 roof. And in addition, I understand they often consult with doctors at Fred Hutchinson in Seattle (many of them used to work there).

I am not sure why PSL/CBCI isn't shown on the Centers of Excellence map for treatment. Seems to me they certainly should be. I think the map should be updated.

Anyway, it is nice to hear from you. My email is if you'd ever like to contact me directly.

P.S. I hope your headaches, tinnitus, and gastroparesis are on the mend, and that your Cyclosporine wean is going well.
Kevin, male age 45; dx SAA 02/2012 - Hgb 5.8, platelets 14, ANC 200, 1% cellularity. Received ATG 03/2012. As of 03/2015, significant improvement - Hgb 15, platelets 158, ANC fluctuates around 1000, Lymphocytes 620. Tapering cyclosporine. BMB 20-30% cellularity.

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