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Hi - I can only tell you what I have gone thru for advise. I started yrs ago with Aplastic Anemia - went into remission - went into MDS and had ATG tx. which lastest 10 yrs - should have only last 5 to 7 yrs. Then relapsed and had Vidaza (didnt work) then had Dacogen (didnt work) Developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and had infusion of Rituxan ( didnt work) Went into consult for a bone marrow transplant - no family members - Most fantastic understanding doctor explained to me that there is no other "cure" but a bone marrow transplant - everything else is a bandaid. I recently found out they found a 10/10 unrelated donor match for me and am going Nov 4th for the time schedule. I am very excited, very scared and very happy at the same time. Hope this gives you some idea of the road that can be taken. If I had to do some things over again - I am still mixed - if I pushed for a transplant earlier - the success rate wasnt as great as it is now. Hope you and your son find the answers that make you feel comfortable with your decisions. Blessings to you
MDS RAEB 2 w/excess blasts - 3+ Fibrosis - previous treatments ATG, Vidaza, Dacogen and Rituxan. Waiting to find my match - Susan
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