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Where Do I find normal values of bone marrow aspirate and immunophenotyping ?

Im from Brazil, 42 yo and one year ago I discovered male breast cancer. Its rare cancer in man and started full treatment of cancer: surgery, chemo, radiation and anti-hormone treatment for people that know breast cancer I am using tamoxifen.

Unfortunately, now, 6 months of my chemo, 4 months after radiation and 4 months of tamoxifen my WBC is around 2.1 (normal is above 3.7), my neutrophil count is 0.9 , normal is above 1.7. My Red blood count is recovering well and is now almost normal and platelets is 140.

Last week I made a bone marrow biopsy, but I still have to wait one more week until I return to visit the oncologist.

The conclusion of aspirate reports was hyperplasia of megakaryocytes, discrete dysplasia of megakaryocytes and discrete bone marrow hypocellularity. The conclusion of other reports (Bone Marrow Biopsy,immunophenotyping and karyotype), are normal if I understood correctly.

I would like to better understand my bone marrow report result, but reports shows no reference or normal values of bone marrow aspirate and immunophenotyping.

Im trying to google for this information,

Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology book
Bone Marrow Reference Ranges
Page 13

but I do not know if I can trust these sources.

I am also looking for more information what is normal result of immunophenotyping of the following antigens: CD20, CD3, Glycophorin, Factor VIII, CD34, CD117 and AE1/AE3.

Do Anyone knows where I can find normal ranges of bone marrow reports ?
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