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Thanks for replying hopeful and Neil,

Yes, this clinic is extremely small and there's multiple times from several people I know where they miss patients' health issues and it becomes worse. Such as my sister in law. She went four months for passing away with at first mild issue that ended up turning to life threatening at the end. They overlooked everything with her even her CBCs and by time they realized the problem, she was life flighted to the nearest major city Salt Lake City, to the a university of utah. By time she was admitted and receiving blood transfusions, it was too late and passed away shortly after. I'm worried about this clinic because theyre only general practitioners and I don't think they deal with serious illnesses that often. I have known others who had medical conditions and ended up getting worse and had to go to utah to get help. I hope it's nothing serious and I will be calling today and asking for a copy of my CBCs. Thank you and I appreciate your input!


I haven't don't any races since that one because it really wore me down. Especially with all the bruising I had and my friends who participated, thought it was odd how much I bruised compared to them. They only had a bump or a scrape. So no more races until i figure out what's going on! 😔
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