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I was going to say what you just said - a family we met at a conference had a child develop auto-immune hepatitis while they were skiing in Utah, they life flighted her to a larger Utah hospital. Once recovering they flew her home to the east coast where she preceded developed into Aplastic Anemia (hepatitis-Associated Aplastic Anemia is a thing.) But, what this tells you, is that if you have aplastic anemia they wouldn't (or shouldn't) treat you where you live. I live in a large suburb of a major east coast city. The suburb has its own pretty good hospital and when they saw my son's blood counts they immediately transferred him 45 min away into the city. Also, like I said where I live is not a small town but it was obvious the Pediatric ER had not seen Aplastic Anemia before (as it's very rare). While they were loading my son up in the ambulance to go from one hospital to the other the ER nurse said to me," If you think of it, when you find out what he has will you let us know?" I didn't think of it, actually, but the transferring ambulance driver checked in on my son after another run a few days later so they may know now. Not to scare you but if you have Aplastic Anemia you will have to travel to a major metropolitan hospital.

But definitely call for the results of your CBC. It could be aplastic anemia but if it isn't it could be a clotting problem, as well (from what you said after your race).
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