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Hi Joan

Glad to see you are still here. I'm glad your husband is doing pretty well. I did not know Medicare cut off at 10. What a relief Don is responding to Procrit too. That is great.

My husband started his 4th round of Dacogen last week ending on Friday, Neulasta for white blood cells Saturday, then Procrit on Tuesday. He has been running a fever since then, spiking 101 one day, then 102 yesterday. They ran every test known to man yesterday for infections or anything else that might be causing it and found nothing. It goes up and then gradually starts going down over a 3 hr period, then doesn't have any until the next day. Yesterday and today, however, it is not going back to normal for long. In other words, it is all over the place. His biggest problem is the very low white blood cells (down to .4,.8 even). Yesterday 1.6. Dacogen usually hops it up to 4.5 but not yet this time. This is a good Cancer Center but not an MDS Center. They do have a good number they say of MDS patients. They seem to think that all three meds have a side effect of fever and that he seems to be having that as a side effect to all three so close together.

The HgB is up to 10.0 and RBC 3.3 so he did not have to have a transfusion today as right after last round of Dacogen so that is good. I'm clinging to that increase good news and hoping the WBC will follow an up too. He has had to have a transfusion every 3 weeks for a while now.

Take care,

Guess I am just more worried than usual. Can you tell?
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