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Hi Joan,

Hope you and Don had a good weekend. Today was a little better for us. After continuing to run a 101 several times yesterday, I talked him into calling the doc. The doc on call sent in a broad spectrum antibiotic, and today his fever has stayed much lower (never over 100.6) as long as we kept Tylenol going every four hours. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better and we can start stretching the Tylenol time out. I really think when someone's WBC is that low, all kinds of infections could be going on that don't necessarily show up on tests. Must admit though that the Procrit shot scheduled for Tues doesn't sound like such a good idea at this point. We are going to mention to the injection nurse what has been happening and to double check with doc. It surely is hard to tell what is causingwhat with this illness. I know they were hoping the Procrit would help avoid so many transfusions. They always draw blood so we will see what the numbers are then.

He always gets two units of blood when he gets a transfusion. They may do one sometimes; I'm not sure. He can tell when he needs one now but doesn't have severe symptoms, more fatigued and short of breath, but his has gotten down to 7.3 before suddenly. That needed quick attention. They always do one at 8.0. I think he has only recently realized that he has more foggy thinking too. The way I tell is that he gets this little dry short cough. It sounds very different.

He at least smiled a few times today and sat up 10 min. twice so that made me happy.

Take care,
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