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Thank you

Thanks Patty and Ray.

He is a diabetic, had triple bypass a few years back, high blood pressure. He was Vidaza for 2 years and it stopped working. Earlier this year in January he started needing more frequent transfusions. He started Decogen treatment a month ago and he came home and a few days later his hemoglobin dropped to 5 and platelets to 11,000. and started to have chest pain. i took him to the ER and hes been in the hospital since. I just had him transfered to another hospital where they offer clinical trials and he sees a MDS specialist. He hasnt been able to recover since his first round of the Decogen. He needs blood product trasnfusions almost everyday. Recently the doctors put in for a consult for the Pallitive care team to speak to us. I am really hoping he catches a break even if it's for a little while. so he can go home and spend time with us and his grandkids.

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