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Hi Marlene,

Did you get the dr's approval for all of this, especially the tcm herbs? Richard's dr already nixed the supplements that I want him to try. Formulating a game plan for on how to convince the Dr. to consider it. Another person told me to suggest passing the ingredients to a pharmacist and get them to ok for no drug interaction with cyclosporine. The herbalist has already told me that there is no interaction and I tend to believe him since he seems to have treated many AA patients with them.

How did you find that John was deficient in the particular vitamins? Did you visit an ND?

Thanks for the link. Checked out her story. Brave woman. It's incredible that people have maintained their blood levels using natural approaches.

Your information has been helpful and thank you for sharing it with everyone.

Reeran, sister of Richard age 49; diagnosed AA 8/09; ATG 8/09 at UCLA Ronald Reagan, now on Cyclosporene 175mg 2/day and weaning off Prednisone from 80mg down.
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