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Kirby's One of the Best!

Paul and I are so grateful to have met Kirby and Nancy at an AA/MDS conference in Las Vegas a few years ago. We are from Phoenix and were so surprised to hear there was a wonderful cancer center in our very own state. We were very unhappy with the hematologist we were using and thought we would have to travel to Stanford's MDS Center for help.

We went down to the Arizona Cancer Center and found the kind of care we were looking for. I might add that we have a friend who was found with stage 3+ ovarian cancer a couple of years ago who credits the ACC for saving her life.

Kirby has been so very generous with whatever information he has on hand. His spreadsheets recording his progress are amazing. I have encouraged him to prepare a small booklet for others on how to duplicate them for their own use.

Thank you, Kirby and you, too, Nancy. You make the world a better place!

Kathy & Paul Ulrich
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