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3 weeks post atg..waiting begins

Hello, ellas finally finished the atg, we had nearly a month hospital stay in the end, she had some serum sickness, she had the rash, aching bones, two infections, and a few high temps, but she did really well and they looked after her brilliantly. The two weeks on steroids was "fun" I had a constantly hungry and grumpy child lol, but her good nature has now returned!
All her blood counts are worse than before, theyve been up only a tiny bit then down again, she has no neutrophils at the moment and we are off for platelets later.
They told me this is normal, but the wait to see what happens is so hard and being in the hospital with no other patients that have aplastic was hard as no one really understands.

Hope your all winning the fight!
Kelly, mother of ella aged five; diagnosed dec 2010 with saa. Had rabbit ATg on 23 feb waiting
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