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Originally Posted by kcbabe View Post
Hi Marlene,
Sorry to read about John's slow recovery. I can't imagine 4 1/2 mos in a hopsital. As I'm finding with my brother, it's sometimes harder on those around the patient. You must have gone through so much.

My brother has started recovery using food and supplements, too. Everything in his house is natural or organic, no chemicals, good air purifier. Thinking of changing his carpets to a hard material. Didn't put a filter on the apt shower. Do you think that's really important?

After reading about your B vitamins I had my brother start taking them along with a multivitamin. You didn't mention a multi. Did John take those?

I'm planning to take my brother to Dr. Huy Hoang, and associate of Dr. Ba's that Peter Lim talked about. Fortunately he's near us. As well as being a master herbalist, Dr. Huy is also an acupuncturist. I am eager to hear how you incorporated that & herbs into John's recovery. Please post when you get the chance. Thank you again for sharing your experience.

Hi Reeran,

How is your brother doing? Did he take blood well and blood tonic after he saw Dr.Huy? Is the herbs working for him? Do you know if Dr. Huy will do long distant treatment? My nephew just got dx with SAA with low platetes at 3K. I'm looking for a supplement treatment for him. Can you send me the contact information of Dr. Huy?

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