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Hi Neil,

Thank you for posting a response. I really appreciate the reply.

You bring up lots of good points.. We need to be more pragmatic with our approach. Having a list with specific concerns and getting them addressed is definitely the way to go! Thank you.

The difficulty has been getting a reputable specialist to see my sister. She was seeing a haematologist who wasn't very helpful to say the least... not upfront with results, vague etc.

A second opinion has been sought with similar treatment options but as far as I'm aware.. the concerns about surviving chemotherapy haven't been addressed, she has however been referred to a cardiologist.

I guess the difficulty is knowing treatment must start very soon, and we are all in a bit of a panic to ensure she is going to receive the right care.

I didn't know ALG can be used again. I'll let her know to ask her new doctor and I will be on the hunt for an aplastic anemia experienced haematologist in the meantime.

It may very well be that someone else needs to be in the appointments with her to ensure these issues get addressed and to write everything down.

You are right, we need to get some good communication happening!

Thanks again for your help
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