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Increasing Platelets ??

In 1989 platelets were less than 10 and multiple transfusions before experimental treatment with Equine ATGAM. It worked and hospital sent me home with platelet count of 12. I continued to work hard, some 16 hour days, travelling and physical work and it was May 2014 before count was up to 146. This was the day that I found out that I had MM(MGUS), MDS, Vasculitis, peripheral neuropathy and kidney damage. When I get up and ignore the pain and keep going, the counts seem to increase.
Non drinker, non smoker and no illicit drugs. Clean hard life, but now I have discarded the massive pain tablets.
So this week, feeling crap and buckled over, but platelets 135, Hemoglobin 98 and Neutrophils are 2. I tried vitamin C in 1994 and ended up being medevac'd in Korea to Hong Kong with Kidney stones, so be careful.
Hematologist suggested that transfusions only with neutrophils <0.5, platelets <40, and red cell less than 70.
always arrange copies of your blood tests and have accurate medication list that you revise and control. FYI: ATGAM has been approved for Aplastic Anemia (Nov 2015) in Australia.
David, 63yr, male, successfully treated in 1989 with Upjohn Equine ATGAM for idiopathic AA. In 2014, and MM (MGUS) and Vasculitis treated with Imuran and now MDS and marrow toxicity, monosomy Chromosome 13.
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