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e1905 Clinical Trial w/o MS-275 (Lab Results 6/10/09)

Today (6/10/09) was Ron's 15th day of his 3rd Cycle of Vidaza (by injection) treatment on clinical trial e1905.
NOTE: The cycles in this trial consist of 28 Days per cycle. Day 1-10 Ron recieves 105mg Vidaza by injection. Then, he's off 18 days.... but, has weekly lab work to check blood counts, etc.

Today, his blood counts were: HGB 14.5, Hemacrit 42.6%, RBC 4.16, WBC 3.9, Neutrophils 42%, PLT 226

Looking at previous labs (Last week), all levels have continued to increase, and I'm especially pleased with the WBCs increasing from last week's 2.0 to 3.9 and Neutrophils came up from last weeks low of 14% to 42%.

We were told it's normal for WBCs to bounce back and forth while receiving Chemo... I'm happy for them to keep bouncing "up".... and forget the "down"...

God Bless you All,

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