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I was diagnosed with CMML via BMB in 2006. The trigger to doing the study was low platelets in the 70-100 range.

After watch and wait for a few years my platelets, which had been gradually rising, reached 900. At that point I began hydroxyurea. That quickly knocked the platelets down and did not affect my other counts.

I maintain proper platelet levels on 500 mg three times a week. My white count, always near the top of normal, has lately risen a bit, 12-13 range. And of course my monos are high.

I remain asymptomatic and check labs quarterly, see my doc every six months. I was 60 years old when diagnosed. Now, at 72, I feel very lucky for such a benign course of this disease.
Vicki - Age 68, dx CMML in 2006. Watch and wait for a few years, now on low dose hydroxyurea to control rising platelets.
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