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More Space in User Profiles

As a forum member you are welcome to fill in a User Profile to tell other forum members a little bit about yourself. This forum feature lets you and other patients and family members get to know each other. The information is optional; you can decide how little or how much to share.

What's in a User Profile

You can fill in any or all of these User Profile fields:
  • Birthday: share it or keep it private
  • Home Page URL: your personal webpage, if you have one
  • Instant Messaging names: your AIM, MSN, or other IM name
  • User Type: patient, family member, spouse, caregiver, other
  • Disease: AA and/or MDS and/or PNH and/or other
  • Location: city, state, or country where you live
  • Occupation: what you do or what you did before retiring
  • Biography: anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself
What's new

The Biography field previously held up to 250 characters. Some forum members tried to put more than a couple of sentences in their biography and ended up with truncated information.

To make that less likely to happen, we have doubled the size of the Biography field, so the text can now be up to 500 characters. If you have more to share than that, we suggest that you start a thread in the Tell Your Story forum.

Displaying and editing User Profiles

People see your User Profile when they click on your user name. To see another user's profile, click on their user name. To see your own user profile as others see it, click on your user name next to a forum post or use the My Profile shortcut in the Quick Links menu at the top of any forum page.

To edit your User Profile, click here.
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