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Spoke to Brian Lawrence Chief, VASRD Regulations Staff

Good Morning!

I spoke to Brian Lawrence Chief, VASRD Regulations Staff 2 weeks ago, his contact information was on the proposal that you are speaking of. Mr. Lawrence informed me this proposal had been recalled and sent back for review. Not sure what needed to be reviewed since there are several codes being added.

I am so happy for you that you received your entitled benefits. As for the rest of us DON'T GIVE UP! I was able to obtain a Nexus letter for my husbands MDS/AO relation. Praying I get the same outcome as you.

Keri Anne, widow of Tom W. age 63; dx Myelodysplastic Syndrome 10/26/11; Rec. Aloe at Audie Murphy SA, TX 5/12; passed 10/23/12;.
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