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Originally Posted by bailie View Post
That is interesting Tommy. I filled out the VA forms and sent them in about two months ago just out of curiosity to see the reaction. I had MDS (RAEB-2), a stem cell transplant and recurrence to AML. I have had 17 cycles of Vidaza, three cycles of Revlimid. I was in the jungles of Vietnam (small arms infantry 1970-71 with Bronze Star). I was flatly/immediately turned down by the VA.
Baile, did your claim include a supporting statement from your MDS physician that minimally said your MDS/AML is "as likely as not" (or a higher probability) due to herbicide exposure in RVN? If so, did your doc also cite a supporting scientific study such as that done after the 1976 chemical plant explosion in Sevesco, Italy which showed increased myeloid leukemia in those exposed to the fallout? If you didn't provide evidence such as the latter two, no wonder your claim was turned down. While I provided those doc's with my initial claim, it too was turned down but on DRO appeal it was approved at 100%.

RE Revlimid, I tried it in 2011 but it back-fired and gave me Stevens-Johnson Sydrome, bad stuff I'd only wish on the NVA and ISIS.
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