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Tommy, my experience was interesting. I filled out the questionnaire on VA eBenefits and didn't hear anything so I thought it must have been dismissed. At the same time I went to a local VA representative (who wasn't very well informed) who told me I wasn't covered. It wasn't much more than a week after my post above that I got a notice from the VA for an appointment with a VA doctor to evaluate my situation. This was from my eBenefits application.

I went to the appointment and the doctor was terrific. I had a four inch thick documentation of my situation (all of my appointments and results) which was very organized. She looked at my information and made copies of what she was looking for and after 30 minutes we were finished. The next thing I got was a notice of 100 percent disabled and compensation dating back to the day I filed on eBenefits which was three months previously.

The VA doctor never contacted my oncologist/hematologist. I never had to write any letters or have my doctor write any letters. My information spoke for its self. The key to my 100 percent disable classification was using Vietnam/agent orange/stem cell transplant/leukemia into the same sentence. If one of those items was missing I wouldn't have fit into the VA criteria.

The interesting thing about the whole thing was that my only real purpose for contacting the VA was to get my situation into the VA database so the accumulation of data might be beneficial for everyone. I was not looking for any compensation.
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