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Originally Posted by JC62 View Post
I noticed that there has not been any postings on this section since that correct? I'm a spouse /caregiver for my wife who was diagnosed with AA just over a year ago. Undgergoing the AGT treatment with mixed results. Transplant is last resort as no good match found yet. We're both in our late 50's - with 2 grown children both still finishing thier education - which I am funding and thats another story! Not the 'Empty Nest' life I was looking forward to for years. I do my best to keep my wifes spirits up, but I am beginning to struggle with my own attitude. I'm the sole breadwinner and still have to work full time with a VERY demanding stressful job that I hate. Everyone relies on me....and it's getting very heavy. My life and my needs are at the bottom of the list. Fun or happiness seems harder and harder to find. It seems everything we've worked for for 35 years is being snatched off the table. I guess I just need to vent a bit. Thats really my only outlet besides a run or workout in the basement.
Hi there, I understand how are you feeling right now. It is really hard to manage both works and taking care of your wife. As this time your wife may need most of the time and mental support to cope up with the pain. So, you'll have to be brave as you're now and you can also seek the help of relatives when required.
I hope a transplant of your wife will be successful, best wishes from my side!
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