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Interactive Treatment Center Map

Marrowforums is pleased to announce a new feature: an interactive map that lets you identify treatment centers geographically.

Click here and give it a try!
Treatment Center Map
It is important for patients to find treatment centers that have experience with AA, MDS, or PNH, because not every doctor or hospital is familiar with these bone marrow failure diseases. In the U.S., some cities or states have more than one well-known treatment center, while in other cases patients must travel to other cities or states for the best treatment.

We hope that the Marrowforums Treatment Center Map will be a useful tool, particularly for new patients. We welcome your comments in this thread.

We plan to add additional treatment centers as they are identified. Click here if you would like tell us about a treatment center in your area.

Getting started

To use the Treatment Center Map, zoom or pan the map to look at a particular area, or click your state or province in the list below the map to jump directly to that area.

Click a map pin to see information about a treatment center. A pop-up will show you the name and address and let you link to the treatment center's website or get driving directions.

For more detailed instructions on using the Marrowforums Treatment Center Map, see the Guide to the Treatment Center Map.

The Treatment Center Map uses Google Maps technology and the Google Maps databases of map data, satellite images, and driving directions.
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