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Lytoxan chemotherapy treatment desperately sought

Hello everyone. My girlfriend is a 31 year old employee with a Washington State hospital (insured) and mother of 2 young boys from her marriage. She was recently diagnosed with this illness and underwent treatment using the horse bone marrow serum. It is now looking like the treatment did not work so we're frantically trying to figure out where she may be able to receive the Lytoxan chemotherapy treatment. Here in Washington State we've learned that they have a more conservative system and she is deemed too old to receive the treatment. Does anyone know where she could receive this treatment and not be stopped by her supposedly old age. We know treatment can be received in Maryland but preferrably we'd like to seek this treatment in the Northwest as her family is here. In the end though we also realise that beggers can't be choosers. Any information would be so much appreciated. Thank you!

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