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Hi, RyanD.

I assume that your girlfriend is being treated for aplastic anemia since you mentioned that she received "horse serum", which is called ATG (anti-thymocyte globulin). This is an immunosuppressive treatment that is used to try to give the patient's bone marrow time to recover on its own. Although it can be very hard to wait, it can take 6 months or more to know if the patient is responding to the treatment. How long has it been since your girlfriend had her ATG treatment?

The chemotherapy you refer to called "cytoxan". It is sometimes used in high doses instead of a bone marrow transplant for patients who do not recover after ATG. Two of the best centers in the world for dealing with bone marrow failure diseases like aplastic anemia are right in your backyard: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. You should contact them immediately to get a second opinion about your girlfriend's condition and treatment options.

I would be extremely suspiscious of any doctor who tells you that a 31-year-old is too old to be treated. She is absolutely not too old.

If you haven't already done so, please contact the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation to get their basic information package.

Let us know what questions you have. We are here to help.

Ruth Cuadra
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