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Exjade and zinc levels

Has anyone experienced low blood serum zinc levels from Exjade? I've talked to Novartis and Accredo but they have no data on zinc being chelated with Exjade. Last fall we had John's zinc levels tested...both serum and red blood cell levels. The serum levels were below normal. Whether or not this can be attributed to the Exjade remains to be seen. However, I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced this? Low zinc is associated with poor wound healing, impaired immune funciton, hypogodnadism (men only), impaired development of bone/cartilage, skin issues and I'm sure much more.

What's also interesting is that John's 24 urine toxic metal panel shows that his aluminum levels have dropped....and this is due to the Exjade. In fact, his entire heavy metal panel has improved. So that's a good thing.

I found this on regarding Exjade....
Mechanism of Action/Pharmacodynamics
ExjadeŽ (deferasirox) is an orally active chelator that is selective for iron (as Fe3+). It is a tridentate ligand that binds iron with high affinity in a 2:1 ratio. Although deferasirox has very low affinity for zinc and copper there are variable decreases in the serum concentration of these trace metals after the administration of deferasirox. The clinical significance of these decreases is uncertain."

Other studies have not shown any decrease in copper or zinc. Since it's not clear to anyone, including Novartis, I think it's a good idea to have serum copper and zinc levels checked for anyone on Exjade for an extended period of time.

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